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Buy Silver in Malaysia at TanSilver ! TanSilver offers investment grade silver bullion coins at the best silver prices you can find around in Malaysia. Being a silver coin dealer for the past 5 years, TanSilver understands the needs of all silver investors when it comes to investing in silver coins. Thus, we actively seek to best meet investors’ needs through reducing the prices of our silver coins products to the minimum so as to provide maximum value for our customers.

Through using a purely online and e-commerce channel coupled with delivery through shipping in Malaysia, we are able to bring down the prices of silver coins to the lowest. We are one of the first leading dealers to do that for every investor to buy silver in Malaysia. As there are not many companies which allow customers to buy silver in Malaysia online, TanSilver hopes to be able to provide such a value-adding service to them – as buying silver in Malaysia in retail shops is very expensive and the premium of the silver coins are often marked up, more than 30-40% above spot, in order to support the cost of selling it. 

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Silver has historically proven to be one of the best investment. With silver spot prices so low, it is the golden opportunity of the decade to invest in silver as the profit potential is immense – even more than that of gold. Being almost 75 times cheaper than gold for an oz, silver also provides Malaysian investors a easier entry into investing in precious metals and reap a higher capital gain when prices go up. TanSilver is a strong advocate of protecting wealth through physical silver.

With the depreciating ringgit and instability in the financial system, commodities like silver and gold are the real money and many Malaysians should turn to silver as a form of investment, as silver prices are expected in the next few years. So why wait? Buy Silver in Malaysia Online at TanSilver, the Low-Cost Silver Bullion Coin Dealer now !  Wide variety at the lowest prices ever. 24/7 Live Pricing & Ordering. Instant Delivery & Shipping. 

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