If you are a re-seller of bullion looking for even lower prices, we have just the right arrangement for you – from low prices to handling the goods, shipping and invoicing, we are your one-stop solution.

  • Further 2.5-3% markdown on our already super low prices to give you the best re-selling price there possibly is.
  • Invoicing and drop-shipping for you as the seller to your customers so that you can mark up your desired profit margin
  • Fast delivery within 1-2 days after payment – customer satisfaction guaranteed


If you are a passionate bullion investor, an existing dealer for another brand, who have a network of customers who buys gold/silver, introduce them to buy from us- we have an attractive commission % for you.

  • 1.75% commission on every purchase by customer you have introduced to us who uses your assigned no. – FOREVER!
  • Commission directly to your bank account after every order – all you need to do is to introduce them to buy from us!


Why TanSilver?

At TanSilver, we offer the largest variety at the lowest cost in the bullion industry.

For dealers, that means that you are able to re-stock bullion at the lowest cost. Not only that, because we can help you to dropship and do invoices, you are able to set the selling price to your customer to your most profitable mark-up. You will just need to focus on finding customers to buy from you – and we will deliver that order to your customer.

For referrals, our commission is one of the HIGHEST in this industry with little requirements and involvement – just tap on your existing network and introduce customers to buy from us. Whenever that customer makes a purchase, commission will be directly transferred to your bank account. It is that simple and easy!

To learn more about these arrangements with us, you can contact us at 016-7102911 or via our email, !

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