Please read this agreement carefully before using  TanSilver. The agreement represents the terms and conditions for using and placing orders on the websites. Use of the website indicates that you have both read and accepted the terms and conditions as stated below.

We reserve the right to update our terms and conditions without prior notification.

1. TanSilver Buying Policy

Once an order has been placed, the customer has agreed to be contractually obligated to complete the sale, that is, to make payment of the total exact funds in 24 hours’ time.

The website utilizes a live pricing system. All prices quoted on the site are subject to market changes. When you confirm your order through our website, you are contractually obligated to complete the sale.

In the event that there is an error in the pricing data on TanSilver, incorrect pricing or software malfunction, we reserve the right to either offer a re-quote or cancel the order.

Payment for all orders is required within 24 hours and received by Tan Silver within 3 business days. If payment is not received within this time frame, orders may be subject to re-quote or cancellation and reimbursement.

Goods will not be released until Tan Silver received the full payment via bank transfer..

2. TanSilver Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of order will be charged a cancellation fee of MYR 200 and any market price difference in the underlying commodity in case of default.

3. TanSilver Privacy Policy

TanSilver assures that customers’ information would be strictly kept confidential and only for the sole purposes of conducting the business and providing better customer relationship management.

4. TanSilver Shipping Policy   

TanSilver will not assume the mailing risk nor be held responsible for any missing items/mishaps during the mailing process of Poslaju.

It is also the customers’ responsibility to provide the right address for shipping as TanSilver would not be held responsible in event of a delivery to a wrong address given.

*End Of User Agreement*