2016 Isle of Man Angel2016 Isle of Man Angel

2016 Isle of Man Angel 1 oz Reverse Proof Silver Coin

The ArchAngel, the very first government backed coin of Isle of Man

A brand new issue, the Isle of Man Angel is finally available in bullion form as a sovereign coin backed by the Isle of Man government itself. Its origins could be traced all the way back to 1465, when it was first introduced as a gold coin in England by Edward IV as the Angelot/Ange – a term referring to the Archangel Michael. Till today, this tradition lives on and is widely upheld by many. Engraved on the coin is Archangel Michael slaying the dragon, a bringer of illness and diseases, while using his shield to protect himself from the flames.

Brilliantly produced in a striking design, this is an extremely rare and valuable coin both for the bullion investors and collectors alike. Own a piece of the very first government backed coin by Isle of Man today!

  • Reverse proof surface, after being struck 4 times, to achieve a frosty and shiny surface – a fine process like no other.
  • Limited mintage of only 100,000 and backed by Isle of Man government – it’s value is bound to soar.
  • The very first silver bullion coin in the issue to be backed by the government

*Multiples of 20 comes in sheets



manufacturer The Popjoy Mint
year 2016
thickness 3.00 mm
diameter 38.7mm
grade Brilliant Uncirculated
grade service None
denomination 1 Angel
mint mark PM- Popjob Mint
metal content 1 troy oz
purity .999
  • Mint Sheet (1pc)

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    For individual pieces, it comes in original sealed air-tight mint sheets.

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  • Uncut Mint Sheet (20pcs)

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    Contained in pristine, clear uncut mint plastic sheets

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