Siren Front

Privateer Series- The Siren Silver Round Ultra High Relief (2 oz)

Be Seduced

The 2nd release in the Privateer Series, the 2 oz Silver Siren Ultra High Relief Round displays a beautiful siren, a mythological creature said to lure sailors into rocky shores with beauty and an enchanting voice.

  • Insane high relief details that the coin feels like 3D
  • A collaboration by Provident Metals, OPM, and NTR Metals
  • Both an investment and also a rare piece of art to collect

Elemental 2 oz Siren Ultra High Relief Rounds will come in  high quality special air-tight capsule for ultra high relief coins.


manufacturer Private Mint (Elemetal )
year 2014
thickness 4.0 mm
diameter 40 mm
grade None
grade service None
denomination N/A
mint mark N/A
metal content 2 troy oz
purity .999

High Relief Coin Capsule (1 pc)

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Comes in a special air-tight capsule for ultra high relief coins


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