PAMP Suisse 100g CastPAMP Suisse 100g CastPAMP Suisse 100g Cast

PAMP Suisse 100g Cast Gold Bar (100 grams)

Why Cast Bars? Lowest premium and the easiest to pawn!

Without the slightest of doubt, the King of all bullion brands Рthe PAMP Suisse. Considered to be one of the finest and most internationally recognized brand in the market, PAMP Suisse is the must-have for anyone who are serious about gold investment.

In form of a cast bar (meaning that every single one is poured into molds instead of mechanical minting), it has a extremely good feel to it- every single one is unique and of course, lower premium as manufacturers save on designing. What’s most important is that jewelry stores, pawnshops and dealers can easily test it and accept it because it does not come with any custom packaging. That means that you can easily buy and sell it/pawn it off whenever you want it. Now you know why PAMP cast bars are the favorite !

  • One of the lowest premium – best value for your money
  • Most accepted in banks, pawnshops, jewelry stores and dealers
  • A must-have, top choice brand, for every gold bullion investor

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manufacturer PAMP Suisse
year N/A
thickness N/A
diameter N/A
grade Brilliant Uncirculated
grade service Assay Card
denomination N/A
mint mark N/A
metal content 100 grams
purity .999
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