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Restu Dirham Silver Coin (1 Dirham)

The Restu Dirham’s blessing to us all 

In accordance to the Quran and also, the Sunna of the Prophet Muhammad, dirhams are one of the most stable currencies that the world has ever seen. A chicken at the time of the Prophet, salla’llahu alaihi wa sallam, cost 1 dirham; today, 1,400 years later, a chicken costs approximately one dirham. That is the protection that it can give to us all.

The dirham plays a significant role not only in its usage of as a currency, but also, a important part of history in the Islamic faith. In today’s modern movement, notable figures like Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad has called for the increasing usage on this store of value. Like its name suggest, this Dirham Restu is truly a blessing. So, make sure that this blessing is upon you – add to your collection today!

  • One of the most recognized Dirhams in Malaysia – high in demand
  • Significant usage of it as a form of currency between willing parties
  • Extremely beautiful design which adheres to all the requirements of the Dirham

*The Islamic Dirham is a specific weight of pure silver equivalent to 2.975 grams.



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